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Tailored Solutions From Start Up to Established Brand

Are you in start-up mode, have an established brand looking for growth, or a mature brand looking to re-define itself?  No matter what stage your brand is at, modemedia can help.

We are an integrated branding agency in Parramatta, specialising in delivering tailored branding solutions through custom website design and creative services with a focus on digital.

Our team has experience across a wide range of sectors – corporates, clubs, childcare, hospitality, construction, sports and leisure – and we bring this knowledge to every project we work on. We will work with you to craft a storytelling approach to your marketing that will resonate with your target audience and deliver it to them in a way that cannot be ignored.

How do we work? We focus on brand awareness. A brand needs to have an impact to stand out from the crowd. We have a process to get any brand noticed – create a branding solution, communicate this in a way that makes sense to the target audience, and manage the project carefully post-launch.  more…

We work closely with our clients to create a clear strategy for the brand. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The right strategy for one brand will not make sense for another, there are many factors to consider. What is the lifestage of the brand? Who is the target audience? What is happening in the marketplace? Each project will be matched with a team that has the experience that fits, and every plan will be carefully monitored and measured against agreed objectives.

We are accountable for our client’s success.

Our services

Brand strategy & positioning

A successful brand is one that cannot be mistaken for anything but that brand. It stands apart from the competition through its unique offer, its look, and how this is communicated. A successful brand speaks to its target audience in an unobtrusive way, consistently, with a clear message that resonates. modemedia helps our clients find the clear air above the competition.

Brand design

We are an experienced graphic design agency in Parramatta, working closely with our clients to create brand identities and designs that bring brands to life and generate a response from target audiences. We create brand designs that are clean, consistent and simple, and that above all, build a connection with the consumer.

Art direction

As experienced designers, we understand the power of the right image used in the right way. Our creative agency in Parramatta specialises in telling the story of a brand through visual language that translates across multiple platforms.

Campaign creation

A truly memorable campaign is one that is based on an idea that is rich enough to translate across a wide range of media channels.  We use our vast experience to help our clients crack that elusive big idea that will be the cornerstone of the campaign.

Campaign execution

The best idea means nothing without clean, creative and impactful execution. We know how important execution is, and our experience makes executing our client’s campaigns completely painless, so our clients can focus on other things.

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