Welcome to modemedia.

Branding Agency Melbourne

We are a creative agency in Melbourne building unique branding solutions for our clients.

Our objective is to bring our client’s brands to life across multiple platforms using our specialist services, including branding and other creative services, custom website design and digital marketing.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, from corporates to clubs, childcare to construction, sports & leisure to hospitality, we use our extensive experience to craft solutions for clients across any industry.

But don’t take our word for it – take a look at our work.

How do we work?

We know what we need to do to get results. We are a digital agency in Melbourne that works in partnership with our clients to create high impact branding solutions. Everything we do is underpinned by an approach we know works.

Think. Create. Communicate. Manage.  more…


It begins with a modemedia Ignition Workshop. We bring all our experience into one room to get a real understanding of your business, your brand, and to be crystal clear on what you hope to achieve.

We delve deep into the marketplace and brainstorm how to make your brand stand out from the competition. How do you want to be perceived by your customers? How much should you be charging for products and services? Who is your target audience?


First impressions are key, and we work hard to create a powerful first impression for your brand that will get you noticed. We combine impactful design with a compelling message that will encourage your target audience to take action. Our experience means we can come up with truly innovative, rich ideas that resonate across multiple platforms.


Once we understand how to showcase your brand to have the maximum impact, we use our experience to develop a communication plan that speaks to your target audience through the touchpoints that matter to them. A tailored approach will ensure you have maximum impact amongst those who matter the most, delivering growth to your brand.


The consumer marketplace is dynamic, constantly evolving with changing consumer trends and preferences. This means a marketing plan needs to be agile and move with the market. modemedia doesn’t just set and forget campaigns. We provide continuous surveillance of your brand communication, marketplace reception and how campaigns are tracking against the agreed objectives. We nurture your brand long-term to ensure we achieve the maximum results, providing monthly progress reports.

Your success is our success.

How are we different?

Branding agencies are not hard to come by. Any branding agency in Melbourne will be able to analyse the market and give you an idea of how to establish your brand. But to really bring your brand to life, you need an agency that understands how to spark the fire that will ignite your brand into something truly memorable.

What sets modemedia apart?

We collaborate

We take a collaborative approach to our projects. We are a unified team that loves what we do.

We are all about our service

It doesn’t matter how strong an idea is, it means little if it’s not underpinned by exceptional customer service – and that’s what we are about. We consider our clients to be our partners, and we know how important trust is in any partnership.

We are real

We are open and honest with our points of view and we back ourselves when it comes to understanding marketing and what works. Our clients trust us to deliver the outcome they need, and our work is a testament to the quality of what we deliver.

We offer tailored solutions

We create a bespoke solution for each and every client. With such a complex marketplace, there is no one answer to solve multiple problems.

 “Being included in all parts of the design phase ensured the end product was on par with our vision, it was original, fresh and perfectly aligned with the needs and expectations of our target customer. At every part of the process we were allowed maximum input to really convey our vision and direction to the designers. We were encouraged to voice our ideas, questions and concerns to really get the most out of the collaboration”.

Phill Eltakchi – Marketing Manager
Oz Visa Co

With over 20 years of experience, we offer solutions to clients of any size, in any industry. Our diverse experience and expertise ensures we get the results our clients need.